Joseph is starting Pre-K today.  Several area schools are starting school this week.  Are you nervous for your kids to go back to school?  Are you excited as they begin a new chapter in their life’s story?

To get our kids ready for school, we go shopping for new clothes and backpacks, prepare their lunches the night before, make sure they get plenty of sleep, or even try to get them in a back to school routine the last few days of summer.  Yet so often, we forget what is most essential to help our kids prepare for school.  We forget prayer.  As your kids head back to school today or later this month, here is how you can pray for them:

  1. Pray for their safety.  If I am honest, the threat of school shootings, violence, and bullying makes me want to shelter my kids.  There is a spiritual battle we do not see (Eph. 6:12) that is the root of much of the evil in our nation and schools.  The kingdom of darkness is waging war against the Kingdom of God.  Consequently, Satan is a defeated foe, but he is attempting to dismantle God’s Kingdom rule.  Pray for protection over your kids…that God will have the victory in their lives and the kingdom of darkness would not have any rule.
  2. Pray for their growth.  In Luke 2:52 we are told that “Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man” when he was a boy. When I pray for my boys, I pray for their wisdom to increase…that they may learn in school.  I also pray for their physical growth and health (stature).  Finally, I pray for God’s grace in their life and favor with their classmates, teacher, or anyone else they encounter.  
  3. Pray for their salvation.  My sons are 5 and 1.  They haven’t yet trusted Jesus as Lord, yet I pray for their salvation.  I pray that God will work in their lives and reveal himself to them personally.  If your kids are struggling with their behavior, they need discipline.  However, behavior modification only goes so far…ultimately, they need Jesus who can change their hearts.
  4. Pray not just that they would be good; pray that they would be godly.  There are a lot of good kids in America today.  We often tell our kids to be good, and if they are well behaved, we are satisfied with that.  However, I believe God wants us to pray bigger prayers for our children.  Good kids are fine.  Godly kids can be world-changers.

Maybe you have something to add?  How are you praying for your kids this new school year?