…for I have learned whatever the circumstances to be content…Phil. 4:11

I remember turning ten years old…sometimes like it was yesterday.  I remember always looking forward to the next big thing, almost wishing my life away. 

I couldn’t wait until I was 16 and driving. 

I couldn’t wait until I was playing Varsity football. 

I couldn’t wait until I graduated highschool and was headed off to college. 

I couldn’t wait until I finished college and landed my first full-time job. 

I couldn’t wait until I got married. 

I couldn’t wait until we got a house and started having kids. 

This week, my boys turned 5 and 1. I’m a 31 year old married dad. How did this happen?

The life of young parents is difficult.  

Out the window is a chance for spontaneous weekend trips or late night dates. 

Your free-time slowly erodes to virtually nothing. 

Where I used to enjoy staying up late, it seems I can’t keep my eyes open much later than 11 now. 

Gone is a solid 7-8 hours of sleep. This is replaced by cries of “mommy I’m having a bad dream,” or the baby screaming for milk in the middle of the night. 

These are struggles, but they won’t last forever.  These struggles will be replaced with new ones.  There is a lie that life will be struggle-free or painless once your kids get older. However, new struggles will come along at each age of parenthood.  Troubles at school. Heartbreaks of your boys by some Jezebel in their teenage years. Rebellion or bad choices, even if you raised them right. 

Being in the ministry for eleven years, I have had many conversations with senior adults on anything from life to politics to family. One tip they constantly say is “enjoy it–they won’t be that age forever.”

If “time flies” as you age it is because of your experience. The more years of life you have experienced, the faster the years go by in comparison. According to this article “we perceive time relative to the ‘absolute’ time we compare it to. In other words, the longer you’re alive, the smaller a year becomes in relation to your entire life as a whole.” In 80 years of life, the passing of one year seems like nothing in comparison.  You’re not crazy, time is flying. 

I’m still a young parent. I have only been in this game for 5 years. But the best advice I can give brand new parents is: don’t wish your life away. Be in the moment with your kids and stop buying into the lie that things will be better when they get to a certain age. These moments appear difficult, but in hindsight, they build your character. 
I really believe that’s why God made me a daddy. Slowly, He is chiseling away in me things that need refining. Patience. Humility. Consistency. Contentment. 

Are you content with your circumstances or are you always wanting more?  God wants to use our circumstances to refine our character and bring us to closer communion with Him.